Convert inbound customer interactions into revenue and retention opportunities

Portrait Interaction Optimizer

A packaged application that sits behind your existing systems to provide the most accurate, targeted sales, service and retention offer, for each individual customer, at the specific moment of interaction, whatever the channel. 

Customer Interaction Analytics

Grabbing every possible opportunity to grow your business and increase revenue as many successful business people will inform you is the key to success.

Understanding the needs and wants of your customers can provide you with a rich resource that is simply waiting to be tapped into.

Using our customer interaction analytics software you can gain a deeper understanding of how to please your customers and apply the appropriate action instantly.

Portrait Interaction Optimizer for customer interaction analytics

The Portrait Interaction Optimizer can aid you in delivering accurate targeted sales and deal with service and retention issues by offering a holistic picture of each individual customer. The customer interaction software connects multiple channels together and displays information and recommendations based on analytics in a simple easy to understand way.

Our customer interaction optimizer works in real-time to ensure that a sale is never missed and customer expectations are met. Use our customer interaction analytics software to:

  • Guide customer facing employees through interactions
  • Increase customer understanding
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Take a holistic approach to customer data
  • Perform analysis to plan campaigns

See the key features of our customer interaction analytics software.

Our customer interaction analytics tools can improve your business

Make every interaction count - our customer interaction analytics tools can maximise revenue and the flexible software can offer effective retention solutions.

When you introduce customer interaction analytics software to your business you'll find that you can -

  • Maximize customer service
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve efficiency
  • Retain business


Key Features of our Customer Interaction Analytics Tools

Our customer interaction analytics software has some great features enabling you to improve your understanding of and interaction with your customers.

Outstanding customer data connectivity capabilities

Portrait Interaction Optimizer can connect data from various channels and units within your business without duplication enabling you to monitor multi-channel activity in a single view.

This superb customer interaction analytics software also has an "inbound/outbound fusion" feature enabling you to connect your outbound direct marketing campaigns with inbound customer interactions so you can get a true picture of how successful your campaigns are.

Provides individualized real-time suggestions

Our customer interaction analytics software provides you with individualized carefully targeted sales retention and service offers for customers in real-time while you are interacting with them.

This enables you to provide a personalized service helping you to increase sales and improve levels of satisfaction amongst your customer base.

Easy to use with built-in support functions

Portrait Interaction Optimizer is an extremely user-friendly customer interaction analytics package with a simple to navigate interface.

Its contextual capabilities mean that it can guide your staff throughout the course of their interactions with your customers so that they can make the most of those interactions.

Flexible and versatile

Our customer interaction analytics software is versatile enough to enable you to create or alter campaigns "on the fly" for immediate impact.

You can also use it to perform a rapid "what if" analysis so that you can determine the right campaign mix before implementing your plan - helping you to maximize ROI.