EngageOne® Video Credit Card Onboarding Use Case

Make it simple for your customers to activate and use their cards.

The EngageOne Video Credit Card Onboarding Use Case enables banks and credit card companies to provide an Interactive Personalized Video experience for their customers, making it easy for them to:

  • Learn about card benefits.
  • Activate their cards.
  • Utilize digital tools that saves them time and money

Experiences that include Interactive Personalized Video invite your customers to make choices that drive card activation and usage.

Serve up a new interactive, intuitive experience

Do away with the old off-line, text-based communications that confuse and dissatisfy your customers.

Use the power and ease of video

Provide a navigable, choice-based video that educates your customers and guides them to take action. 

Increase card activation and usage

Interactive Personalized Video can help to increase card activations and usage. It can also boost enrollment in online management tools and help grow customer retention.

A significant percentage of new credit card customers never activate their cards, understand all benefits or adopt available digital tools.

Customers are overwhelmed with text-heavy communications.

Off-line and email communications can confuse – and irritate -- customers who must sift through their inboxes and paper pile to find the specific information they need.

Negative perceptions are not overcome.

Email and postal correspondence can contribute to the perception that your company (or the industry as a whole) is not a digital leader.

Evolve to video that interacts.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

The power and ease of Interactive Personalized Video engages customers with relevant information and encourages the interactions that help build customer loyalty.

Make it easier

With Interactive Personalized Video, customers can learn how to activate their cards, utilize the digital tools offered and take advantage of card benefits.

Improve your results

  • Higher revenue with increased card use and fewer card cancellations
  • Reduce costs, support call volume, and average call handling time
  • Greater operational efficiencies with more paperless and digital transactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction/Net Promoter Score (NPS)