Optimize the value of your interactive video solution.

EngageOne® Video Analytics

Seeing is believing. Gain insight into interaction habits, device usage, viewing times and viewer demographics with a detailed assessment of your customers’ video experiences.

Maximize the true value and potential of your EngageOne® Video solution. Discover how you can drive additional business value and business outcomes. Get a detailed evaluation of your customers’ video journeys.

Our assessments are designed to identify areas rife with opportunity. With data captured from your video and our assessments you can:

  • Identify messaging weaknesses.
  • Understand viewer interaction habits.
  • Monitor usage changes.
  • Track device and viewing time variables.
  • Append your own data to analyze viewer demographics and behavior.

Target customers more effectively.

Our initial assessments require no data collection on your part. They are typically delivered within two weeks of project review and include:

  • A baseline report with key performance metrics.
  • A facilitated results discussion to review findings with your leadership team.

Add to your insight.

Explore how different types of consumers experience your video. We can work with you to incorporate additional data in your analysis. Popular data cuts include: market segment, customer behavior and value and demographic characteristics.

Continue to improve.

Stay on top of changing consumer preferences and needs. Our assessments are available quarterly, semi-annually or annually and deliver relevant insights that drive better decisions at every level.

Key analyses performed by EngageOne Video® Analytics 

Standard analyses: Included with your EngageOne Video solution

Viewer journey

Discover viewer flow, where drop offs are occurring and recommendations on where improvement to the video can be made.

  • Total viewers at the beginning of each scene
  • Percentage of viewers dropping out by scene
  • Percentage of video completed
  • Number of sessions completed
  • Customer journey/flow through video

Basic viewer segmentation

Understand how different viewer segments react throughout the video.

  • Device type
  • Time of day
  • Time of week

Prompt effectiveness

Determine the effectiveness of prompts and pathways within the viewer journey.

Scene effectiveness 

Evaluate the effectiveness of viewing optional scenes.

Multi-scene effectiveness 

Discover how different paths across multiple optional scenes impact viewer engagement.


Premium analyses: Available with EngageOne Video at an additional charge

Trending analysis

Track changes to your viewers’ journey and engagement, video design changes or impactful variables over time.

  • Number of viewers by a time period
  • Engagement and drop-off rates over time

Enhanced viewer segmentation

Provide additional insights by appending demographic or customer-provided behavioral datasets of viewers.

  • Engagement/drop-off by holders of certain products, demographic segments
  • Scene effectiveness by demographic groups, and more