Data Quality

Ensure the accuracy of your data is fit for use in business processes.

Capabilities include; data profiling, standardization and normalization of data, advanced data matching and consolidation, data enrichment with reference data, monitoring trends and KPIs.

Data Quality Product Portfolio

Spectrum Advanced Matching Module

It all makes sense now.

Identify and understand the relationships between data records to enhance business processes.

Spectrum Data Discovery Module

Get the data download.

Data discovery is the process of scanning data resources to get a complete inventor of your data landscape.

Spectrum Data Normalization Module

Standardize data for a uniform customer experience.

Standardize terms in your database to create a uniform experience for all of your customers.

Spectrum Data Quality Connectors

Ensure CRM and ERP applications deliver data you can trust.

Integrating data quality at the point of entry, or as part of a batch process gives all users access to accurate and trusted data for better decision making and operational efficiency.

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