Address any address problems.


Cut costs, speed cash flow and increase customer satisfaction with timely delivery of communications.

Address Data Cleansing

Getting your customers' addresses right every time is not just important for getting your message across - minor errors can seriously damage your company's reputation. Address quality and accuracy directly affect customer satisfaction levels and mistakes can be costly.

Using our address data cleansing solutions, you can optimize address quality to comply with strict USPS® standards. The address data software integrates powerful correction capabilities into your existing applications to smooth out errors and ensure that your message always reaches the intended recipient.

How address data cleansing works

Our user-friendly software helps your business to deliver outstanding results. Finalist address data cleansing software can improve your business processes in a number of ways -

  • Standardizes addresses
  • Corrects address errors
  • Appends postal codes
  • Reduces undelivered mail costs
  • Ensures deliveries are on time
  • Delivers prompt invoicing

Address data cleansing for your business

Use our software to reduce costs while increasing customer service levels - the perfect solution for any company that relies upon mail correspondence. Your postal marketing campaigns could become even more effective, if you consider the advantages of our address data cleansing software.

Key features of address data cleansing

There are a number of reasons why our Finalist address data cleansing software could be right for your business. Take a moment to consider some of the key features of this technology.

Increased accuracy

Our address data cleansing software verifies, standardizes and corrects addresses with a high level of accuracy, which means -

  • Postage costs are reduced
  • Mail arrives on time
  • You get a better understanding of your customer demographics
  • You can improve cash flow, with faster invoicing

Standardize addresses

Our Finalist address data cleansing software uses a database to determine whether or not an address conversion is required. If standardization is necessary, the converted address will be returned to you in a cleansed format.

Batch processing

Using our address data cleaning solutions, you can work through high volume batches of addresses regularly to ensure they comply with USPS® regulations. Alternatively, use interactive processing to validate addresses at point of entry.

Performance options you control

Our user-friendly address data cleansing software is designed to be simple to use and intuitive. If you input data that has already been cleansed, Finalist recognizes this, saving you processing time. You can also add a date each time you run a cleanse so that you won't cleanse the same group of addresses twice - thus saving valuable time.

The batch suggestion report offers you suggestions for failed addresses, giving you the best options available.