Spectrum® Smart Data Quality

Achieve better matching accuracy at lower costs

Accurate, efficient entity resolution is essential to data quality. Now you can simplify and streamline this previously complex task.

Spectrum Smart Data Quality combines machine learning with human expertise to automate the process of entity resolution. Its intelligent, intuitive interface enables business users to actively participate in the matching process. This reduces reliance on IT, accelerates the matching process and shortens the match-tuning exercise from weeks to days.

Smart Data Quality monitor display

Powered by machine learning, guided by human intelligence

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Easy to use

  • Business-user-friendly interface
  • Intuitive, five-step process
  • No special skills required
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Highly accurate

  • Removes guess-work by predicting accurate algorithms
  • Automatically adjusts based on business-expert inputs
  • Machine learning algorithms keep getting smarter 
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Fast time-to-value

  • Instant reduction in match- rule tuning iterations
  • Limited IT involvement
  • Automatic match key and match rule generation

Five steps to more efficient, accurate data matching.


01. Select source

Upload your sample data.

02. Select columns

Choose columns from your data required for finding duplicates.

03. Generate groups

Set the threshold for creating logical groups of similar records.

04. Tag records

View and tag possible duplicates generated by the machine learning model.

05. Analyze results

Tag all the proposed duplicates correctly as matches/non-matches, then leverage the machine generated match keys and match rules in your existing dataflows.