Customer Information Management Webinars

Live and on-demand webinars with topics covering: customer analytics, data quality, data management and integration.

Make way for the agile single customer view: Say goodbye to the old ways of master data management and embrace the future.

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Are you one of the thousands that implemented MDM, only to find it too rigid, inflexible and ultimately failing to meet business expectations? Reboot your thinking, apply Graph and uncover the relationships between people, places and things.

Join our webcast to learn about a new approach to mastering customer information. The agile Single Customer View helps organizations start fast and understand customers without replacing existing technologies.

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Customer Intelligence 360: Laying a foundation for retail advantage

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How to get a clear, holistic view of each customer, no matter how or where they interact.

Retailers today have more information about their customers than ever, and yet many face frustrating problems in putting that data to use. Challenges include an increased volume of unstructured data, disparate systems, and a siloed view of customers' needs.

Join our webcast to learn about revolutionary new approaches to "knowing your customer" that make it possible to understand customers as individuals, discern their connections, and engage with each more personally across touchpoints.

• Enable an interactive, omnichannel experience for customers
• Increase customer knowledge for superior RFM results 
• Manage and measure retail outlets as omnichannel hubs

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Gain more agility, context and business insight with graph-based MDM

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Webinar Hosted by Information Management

Businesses continue to collect volumes of information about their customers. When organized effectively – by integrating data from a variety of different sources through enterprise master data management (MDM) – this data can provide important and actionable buyer insights. 

Some are tackling this challenge with a relational database approach to MDM, which limits what businesses can do, and how quickly they can do it.

In this webcast, you'll learn how to:

  • Gain the flexibility you need to pull answers from a full range of customer information.
  • Add and remove new data sources quickly.
  • Identify new connections in data.
  • Explore connections that previously would not have been obvious.
  • Add Graph technology to connect more traditional relational databases - effectively create a "hub of hubs".

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The CIO's Role in CRM - Indispensable Partners in Business Decisions

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Webinar Hosted by CRM Magazine and Pitney Bowes

In many ways, the CIO's role has changed dramatically in the past few years as more cloud-based technology has come online in sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

The traditional role of making sure technology is deployed on time and on budget has been expanded to include creating value from investments in CRM technologies and related infrastructure.

Join us on this educational webinar and learn how CIOs can partner with their counterparts in sales, marketing, and service to derive more value from customer-facing technologies.

Speakers: Chuck Kane, Single View of Customer, Managing Director, Pitney Bowes Software Solutions and Matt Reading, VP, Customer Journey Solutions, NICE.

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Proactive Compliance: Applying virtualized Graphs to address the challenge of GDPR

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Webinar Hosted by Information Management and Pitney Bowes

Business requirements such as the relatively new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe are driving a need to better understand customer data assets and where they reside within the organization. Businesses are collecting mountains of personal data about their customers that, when organized effectively, offers the potential to reduce regulatory and compliance risk.

Speaker: Aaron Wallace, Principal Product Manager, Pitney Bowes

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Adopt a new approach that develops an agile single view and enterprise metadata management strategy around graph databases.
  • Deliver a model that is far quicker to implement and more agile than anything that has gone before, with an eye towards key business drivers like GDPR.

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Is regulation really keeping banks from lending?

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Policymakers pushing to scale back regulation have relied heavily on a core argument — bank lending is being held back by post-crisis capital rules and other restrictions.

Speakers: Lenny Liebmann, Moderator; Richard Stocks, Global Chief Technology Officer, Financial Crimes and Compliance Solutions, Pitney Bowes
Attend this informative webinar to hear leading financial data and systems management experts explain:

  • The critical identity data issues associated with financial crime
  • Best practices for applying data quality tools across your Sanctions Screening process
  • How to rightsize your investment in more accurate, lower-TCO compliance mechanisms

Become Top of Wallet: Influence Card Holder Behavior With Precision

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Become Top of Wallet: Influence Card Holder Behavior With Precision

Speakers: Chuck Kane, Tim McKenzie
Join the experts from Pitney Bowes to learn how industry leading geo-fencing technology can help your mobile marketing platform be more effective in driving card usage.

You will learn:

  • How you can specifically target only those card holders who are imminently entering the retail store
  • Why geo-fencing is more effective than the typical approach of email and direct mail
  • Best practices for setting up a geo-fencing program including identifying uses cases, defining promotions and more 

Managing Quality to Succeed in a Value-Based Environment

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Managing Quality to Succeed in a Value-Based Environment: Healthcare data management tools to spot high-risk members and intervene in time to make a difference 

Speakers: Deb Purcell, Chuck Kane  
Register today for this free webinar, sponsored by Pitney Bowes, to learn to how to enrich and optimize data for analysis and workflow improvements, while also building on existing data management capabilities with an enhanced platform using unique data visualization capabilities.

Uncovering the Hidden Risk In Your Policy Portfolio

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Uncovering the Hidden Risk In Your Policy Portfolio
Speakers: Jay Gentry, LI Director – Mike Hofert, Managing Director – Insurance Solutions 
Join two industry experts who will share real-world examples of:

  • How to achieve a real-time single view of risk for both existing and prospective books of business
  • Benefits of leveraging a single view of risk
  • How to quantify the benefits for your business

Single View of the Customer: Laying the Foundation for Retail Advantage

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Single View of the Customer: Laying the Foundation for Retail Advantage
Speakers: Peter Fader, Professor of Marketing, Harvard | Tim Barnes, Single View OF Customer Solutions, Pitney Bowes
In this webinar, you will learn how a single view of customers can:

  • Inform real-time, mobile interactions
  • Enable best-next engagement
  • Optimize omni-channel sales

Don't Blame Your Transaction Monitoring System

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Don't Blame Your Transaction Monitoring System: Comply with Confidence Using a Relationship-Based Approach

Sponsored by FORBES

Speakers: – Rob Mara, Ernst & Young – Rick Skriletz, RCG, Lynda Brendish, Forbes – Richard Stocks, Pitney Bowes
Tune in to this webinar to hear experts from EY, RCG Global Services, Forbes Insights, and Pitney Bowes discuss how new technologies and taking a relationship-based approach to AML compliance can alleviate the data challenges confronting financial institutions.

Ensuring Digital Transformation Grows Share Of Wallet

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Ensuring Digital Transformation Grows Share Of Wallet
Speakers: Jay Gentry, LI Director, Chuck Kane, SVC
Join two industry experts who will share real-world examples of:

  • How to build a single view of customer
  • How to leverage customer data to understand purchases and communication preferences
  • About a platform that works with your existing infrastructure to deliver value within weeks

Make Your Mortgage Lifecycle More Efficient With A Single View Of Property

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Make Your Mortgage Lifecycle More Efficient With A Single View Of Property
Speaker: Tim McKenzie

View this webinar from experts at Pitney Bowes to learn how a Single View of Property can help to engage customers with the right products and avoid the pitfalls that lead to suspended mortgages and reduced lead conversion.

Why Graph MDM is essential to support your Digital Transformation

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Why Graph MDM is essential to support your Digital Transformation
Speaker: Aaron Wallace, Global Product Manager, CIM
In this presentation Aaron Wallace of Pitney Bowes explain how graph, as part of a complete Customer Information Management strategy, can provide the essential foundation to support your Digital Transformation.