Address Fabric Data - Geocoded data

Address Fabric Data is a comprehensive list of country addresses and their corresponding locations. This data is delivered as a file that can be opened in Pitney Bowes software, including MapInfo ProTM and SpectrumTM, loaded into a database or used in an analytics environment.

Each record contains the address, coordinate location and pbKeyTM, our unique and persistent ID that can be used for data management, exchange, GeoEnrichment and analytical modeling. With the pbKey, it’s possible to reference an address without storing the whole address string. Like a personal social security number or unique company identification number, the pbKey is definitive.


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Improve your business decisions, including:

  • Site selection
  • Market scoring
  • Finding new customers
  • Claims management
  • Aggregating location information by customized areas
  • Data Science Modeling

Delivers valuable insight about your customers, with address location information about:

  • Location Information (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Address information
  • Census Code Information (Optional in some countries)
  • Location quality indicator
  • pbKey™


  • Comprehensive and accurate coverage from multiple national address location lists
  • Nationwide coverage
  • pbKey for fast and easy lookup
  • Available as a flat text file for flexibility in usage
  • Updated regularly to ensure the latest data

Coverage details

  • Coverage: United States and Canada
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Country