Canada Census Boundary Bundle

Canada Census Boundaries represents complete hierarchies of political and census boundaries for Canada, and is available in two versions. The Standard version is updated every 5 years following the new Canadian census. The Enhanced version includes selected large water features and more detailed shorelines, and is updated quarterly.


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  • The dataset provides a framework for analysis and visual representation within mapping applications.
  • Access the most current data available, which is suitable for land use and demographic studies as well as social, economic and market research.
  • Geographic identifiers link census data to geographic areas.
  • Boundary files can be used to create new geographic areas.
  • Census Boundaries data can be enriched with proprietary data to create thematic maps.


  • Provinces/Territories: All ;10 Provinces and 3 Territories
  • Census Divisions: Counties, regional districts, regional municipalities, and united counties
  • Census Metropolitan Areas/Census Agglomerations (CMA/CA): Urban areas with populations over 100,000
  • Census Subdivisions: Towns, cities, villages, townships, and Indian Reserves
  • Census Tracts: Small communities (average population 4,000)
  • Dissemination Areas (DA): The smallest boundary for which census data is provided, with population from 400-700 persons


  • Boundary files align with the Census Road Network File to provide additional geographic context for mapping applications.
  • Boundaries roll up from the Dissemination Areas to ensure that all levels overlay correctly and provide a more accurate visual analysis.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: All Canadian provinces and territories
  • Release Schedule: Standard – Every 5 years Enhanced - Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (CAN) or Province