Earthquake Bundle

Pitney Bowes Earthquake Bundle provides comprehensive datasets to help understand the geographic distribution of earthquake risk as well as the maximum earthquake exposure for a specific region or by insurer rating territory. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) Earthquake Hazards Program provides the source data.


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Insurers and re-insurers can use the Earthquake Bundle to: 

  • Analyze earthquake data across their insured network to calculate geographic risk exposure, customer insurability, and probable maximum loss.   
  • Locate the fault zone for a potential property in online underwriting applications. 
  • Analyze historical earthquake ranges against millions of residential properties. 
  • Understand the proximity of assets to fault lines and fault regions. 
  • Present property exposure information to brokers and agents. 
  • Identify regional line limits and perform straight-through processing for underwriting.  
  • Generate maps and models that provide an overall Earthquake Risk assessment. 


  • An earthquake range layer that shows an aggregation of the exposure grid depicting nationwide risk (Low, Medium, and High) 
  • Spatial extent and corresponding attributes of US faults, US fault regions (quarter mile buffer around US faults,) and the distribution of soil classifications across the US 
  • A grid spanning the entire US, which aggregates earthquake events of each magnitude for a more granular earthquake risk analysis 
  • A layer depicting California Probable Maximum Loss (PML) zones provided by the California Department of Insurance. This layer delineates twelve risk zones scored by property/casualty underwriting professionals in the state of California


The product contains the location of earthquake events between 1492 and present, including associated information like time and date, depth, magnitude, intensity and more.

  • US Earthquake Ranges
  • US Earthquake Grid
  • US Fault Lines
  • US Epicenter Locations 
  • US Fault Regions
  • US Soil Classification
  • California Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Classifications

Coverage details

  • Coverage: US
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation