Fire Risk Pro

Fire Risk Pro provides a scientific and up-to-date wildfire hazard and risk assessment database covering the United States. Fire Risk Pro accounts for variables including slope, aspect, vegetation type, burn frequency, distance to water, special wind event regions, and distance to fire stations, among others, to generate unique fireshed polygons with associated risk scores.


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  • Insurers can assess wildfire risk exposure, underwrite policies, and calculate probable maximum loss with respect to the geographic distribution of their insured network.  
  • Insurers can create wildfire risk values for personal line limits, new business processing, and for evaluating a carrier’s current book of business. 
  • Identify potential damage to structures in areas where wild land fuels continue to accumulate and where structures are subject to wildfire. 
  • Locate residential properties within close proximity to high threat zones. 
  • Visualize wildfire risk associated with any property location across the US. 


  • Provides wildfire risk scores for the following hazard types:
    • Wildland landscape risk
    • Intermix landscape risk
    • Interface landscape risk
  • Incorporates vegetation modifications within burn perimeters to produce wildland fuel data. 
  • Includes  
  • Generates fire-line intensity and fire behavior models using local information about fuel, weather, and topography. 
  • Provides No-HARM historic wildfire data (including historic ignition points along with fire perimeters) to simulate future fire seasons and forecast the probability that an area will burn in any given year 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: US
  • Release Schedule: Annual
  • Unit of Sale: US, State