Municipal Boundaries

Municipal Boundaries contains up-to-date information on the boundaries of incorporated municipalities. It is updated quarterly to include new incorporations, annexations, de-annexations, mergers, consolidations, dis-incorporations, and/or dissolution of local governmental entities. Updates ensure that Municipal Boundaries aligns with StreetPro® and other Census Boundary data.

NOTE: The Municipal Boundary dataset may only be used internally for determining tax jurisdictions. It cannot be sold for tax jurisdiction applications or as part of a resold product or service.



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  • Taxation: Properly calculate tax rates by jurisdiction.
  • Telecommunications: Assign sales tax for mobile services.
  • Insurance: Calculate premium taxes for most states.
  • Site selection: Determine applicable municipal ordinances.
  • Risk assessment: Visually analyze and track high risk areas.
  • Customer relations: Save time and resources by targeting specific municipalities.



  • Municipal Boundary Layer
  • Municipal Inventory (Points)
  • State, County and Place FIPS code


  • Change log file indicates where changes were made with each release
  • Data from 2010 Census TIGER/Line files
  • Data enhancement to ensure consistent overlay characteristics
  • Premium tax assignments for most states
  • Property tax assignment to leased assets
  • Compatible with other Census Boundaries products
  • Compatible with StreetPro┬«

Coverage details

  • Coverage: 50 States, District of Columbia, and Puetro Rico
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation and State