Parcel Boundaries - US property boundaries

Parcel Boundaries contains US polygonal property outlines and centroids in WGS84 projection for consistent nationwide implementation. Parcel boundary data helps users map and analyze property characteristics across an entire area of interest, or conduct sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay and buffer zone operations. 


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  • Identify property location, centroids and boundaries, for display and spatial analysis.
  • Quantify risks associated with flood, wild fire or other hazards to accurately price insurance policies.
  • Enrich business data by connecting parcel boundaries to additional specific property attributes.  
  • Use geo-fencing to identify when service vehicles are on the property where services are requested, or when customers are within certain locations for location-based messaging.
  • Assess damage after catastrophic events by overlaying parcel data on satellite imagery 
  • Locate retail and site properties for sale and learn more about surrounding geographies 
  • Improve the accuracy of tax jurisdiction assignments 
  • Respond to outages more efficiently by defining which customers are serviced by a grid 


  • Unique and persistent parcel identifier
  • Links to a full array of property attributes 
  • Full property address for applicable parcels
  • US Census Bureau block ID for reference to full census information 
  • Standardized and cleansed county assessor parcel number
  • Quarterly updates including new county additions, existing parcel updates and addressing


  • Parcel boundary polygons
  • Scale = 1:24,000 
  • Unique PB Parcel identifier
  • [FIPS]+[APN] 
  • Assessor parcel number 
  • Census code indicating State, County 
  • Census code indicating State, County, Tract, Block Group and Block (2010) 
  • Property primary base street address 
  • Property unit number 
  • Property city 
  • Property state 
  • Property postal code 
  • Julian release date 
  • Centroid elevation in feet
  • Centroid longitude (WGS84) 
  • Centroid latitude (WGS84)

Note: Due to licensing restrictions we are prohibited from distributing parcel boundary polygons in some counties. In these counties we provide the point of the center of the parcel (centroid) instead of the parcel boundary polygons.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: US
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Full US, State and County files



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