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An extensive catalog of global demographic data.

Extensive demographic variables at detailed statistical geographies, along with forecast population models, prepared by Pitney Bowes demographic and economics experts.

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Cameo & Cameo Analysis

Census - Age & Sex (PP2)

Census - Family & Household Info (PP3)

Census - Language (PP4)

Census - Population & Dwellings (PP1)

Census - Powerpack & Boundaries (TomTom) Bundle

Census - Powerpack Bundle (PP1-PP4)

Census Powerpack & Boundaries Bundle

Consumer Spend: Disposable Income

Consumer Spend: Expenditure

Consumer Spend: Food Expenditure

Consumer Spend: Household Equipment

Consumer Vitality

Context Commuter Score

Context Demographics

Context GreatSchoolsTM

Context Real Estate

Context School Rankings

Context Sound Score

Context Walkability

Context Weather Score

Detailed Demographics

Detailed Demographics Boundaries

Estimates & Projections

Estimates & Projections: Base Year & E&P (NHS Extension Bundle)

Estimates & Projections: Day Population

Estimates & Projections: Update Profile

Geodemographics - PMB

Geodemographics - PSYTE

Geodemographics - PSYTE Financial

Geodemographics - PSYTE Geography

GfK Purchasing Power (Incl. Demogr.: Inh., Househ.)

GfK Purchasing Power For Retail Product Lines (Main Product Groups)

GfK Purchasing Power For Retail Product Lines (1 Product Group)

GfK Retail Centrality

GfK Retail Purchasing Power

GfK Retail Turnover

Groundview: Audience Profiles

Groundview: Business Summary - NAICS Bundle & SIC Bundle

Groundview: Complete

Groundview: Consumer Expenditure Potential Bundle

Groundview: Consumer Vitality

Groundview: Family Bundle

Groundview: Household Financial Assets & Wealth Bundle

Groundview: Household Income Bundle

Groundview: Housing Bundle

Groundview: Population Bundle

Groundview: Population By Hispanic/Not Hispanic Bundle

Groundview: Population By Race Bundle

Groundview: Retail Sales Potential

Groundview: Settlement Spaces

Groundview: Socio-Economic Bundle

Groundview: Update Profile

Groundview: Update Profile For Data Enhancement

MBI Bound, Base Demo & Purchasing Power

MBI Boundaries & Demographics

MBI Boundaries & Purchasing Power

MBI Consumer Spending

MBI Households by Income Quintiles

MBI Households by Type

MBI Marital Status

MBI Population

MBI Population+ Digital Boundaries

MBI Purchasing Power

MBI Purchasing Power+ Sociodemographics+ MB-Research Consumer Styles+ Digital Boundaries

MBI Research Consumer Styles

MBI Research Consumer Styles+ Digital Boundaries

MBI Retail Centrality

MBI Retail Spending

MBI Retail Turnover

MBI Sociodemographics