PsyteHD Canada - Canada market segmentation geodemographics

PSYTE HD Canada classifies Canadian postal codes and Dissemination Areas into lifestyle groups and mutually exclusive neighborhood types. Built on the Canadian Census base and third party data, this powerful geodemographic market segmentation represent the most accurate snapshots of Canadian neighborhoods available. Presented in a state-of-the-art cluster build environment, each major cluster contains sub groups.


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An innovative tool for analysing markets, gaining market intelligence and interpreting consumer behaviour across the diverse Canadian marketplace.

  • Provides organizations with detailed insights about current and potential customers
  • Helps drive successful target marketing campaigns, market potential and site selection studies
  • Captures the complexity of Canadian consumer culture without the need to manipulate hundreds of census variables

Product layers/configurations

  • Canada
  • Province
  • Census Metropolitan Area/Census Agglomeration (CMA/CA)
  • Census Division
  • Census Tract
  • Census Subdivision
  • Dissemination Area (DA)
  • Federal Electoral District


PSYTE HD Canada Cluster Major Groups:

  • Metropolitan-Urban Affluent
  • Metropolitan-Urban Comfortable
  • Metropolitan-Urban Mid-scale
  • Metropolitan-Urban Lower Middle
  • Metropolitan-Urban Downscale
  • Suburban-Town Affluent
  • Suburban-Town Comfortable
  • Suburban-Town Mid-Scale
  • Suburban-Town Lower Middle
  • Suburban-Town Downscale
  • Rural-Wilderness Comfortable
  • Rural-Wilderness Downscale

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Canada
  • Release Schedule: Annually
  • Unit of Sale: Country, Province