Financial Stress and Delinquency Scores

Financial Stress and Delinquency Scores provides two different views into the health of businesses.


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Financial Stress Scores (FSS) predicts the likelihood over the next 12 months that a business will:

  • Seek relief from creditors.
  • Cease business operations without paying all creditors.
  • Withdraw from business operations and leave unpaid obligations.
  • Go into receivership or reorganization.
  • Make an arrangement for the benefit of creditors.

Scores are annotated into five distinct risk groups where a one (1) represents businesses that have the lowest probability of financial stress, and a five (5) represents businesses with the highest probability of financial stress.

The Delinquency Score (DS) predicts the likelihood that within the next 12 months a company will:

  • Pay in a severely delinquent manner (91 or more days past term)
  • Seek legal relief from creditors
  • Cease operations without paying all creditors in full 

A severely delinquent firm is defined as a business with at least 10 percent of its payments made after more than 91 days. Payments are weighted based on the total balance of accounts paid later than 91 days compared to the total balance owed.




  • Automate decision making for increased efficiency.
  • Help satisfy regulatory needs for timely, consistent and objective review of decisions at the account level.
  • Score entire portfolios to quickly identify risk and opportunity.


  • USA 5-digit ZIP code
  • Canada 3 character FSA
  • Total number of POIs in ZIP
  • Distributions of FSS score 0 - 5 
  • State-based indices of FSS score 0 - 5
  • National-based indices of FSS score 0 - 5
  • Total number of POIs having DS score 0 - 5
  • Distributions of DS score 0 - 5 
  • State-based indices of DS score 0 - 5
  • National-based indices of DS score 0 - 5



The Financial Stress Score (FSS) and Delinquency Score (DS) datasets provide features designed to help users improve their business-oriented services. Features include:

  • FSS and DS score indices.
  • Calculation by ZIP/Postal Code to provide the most accurate geographic coverage.
  • Supplied with national and state-based indices for flexibility in analysis.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: US and Canada
  • Release Schedule: Monthly
  • Unit of Sale: Country