The simplest way to the freshest data

Data simplified - one source finally fits all.

Data can be really complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Get instant access to the freshest, most accurate data in the Software and Data Marketplace.
It’s your one-stop destination to search, discover, visualize and purchase from the largest collection of address-centric data available.


Take a tour of the Software and Data Marketplace.

Learn how you can: explore the entire data portfolio of addressing, boundaries, business points, demographics, streets, parcel attributes, and social data, download and sample datasets, layer and visualize data on a map and purchase data through the web shop.



Cross-Industry data

Relevant industry insight to solve specific business problems and gain a competitive advantage

Self-service capability

Faster time to value with plug and play data capabilities for geospatial and business intelligence applications

On-demand access

Search, discover, visualize and access all our data in one conveniently located and maintained marketplace

Expert Knowledge

Better understand people, places and things by leveraging a legacy of data content, know-how and expertise.



Test drive the data.

Remove complexity.

Know Your Customer.


Now there's a single source for the freshest, most accurate data available. Take a look inside the Pitney Bowes Software and Data Marketplace.

Our Data experts discuss how nearly a century of experience and cross-industry expertise around the physical address can help you surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places, and things.


Available Data

Software and Data Marketplace Advantages

The Software and Data Marketplace offers a convenient destination to discover, explore and access relevant data. Search the complete data catalog, visualize and layer data on a map, download sample data and purchase data. With cloud-based access and single sign-on convenience you can be up and running in minutes.


Good business decisions begin with good data. If you’re looking for industry or project specific content essential for analysis, insight and business advantage look no further. Here you’ll find that uniform data specifications for global coverage across regions, interoperability and frequent refresh cycles come standard. It’s some of the elements that make our data quality superior. No single data or software provider possesses the combined experience, ability and product catalog that Pitney Bowes can.




"Firms that exploit next-generation data marketplaces will gain a digital edge."*

- Forrester Consulting

Infographic: Software and Data Marketplace

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*Digital Is Driving The Next Generation Of Data Marketplaces, a December 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pitney Bowes