Affinities and Categories

Gain a deeper understanding of a person’s interests.


Discover the interests and psychographics of individuals based on social behavior. We have attributed the likes, interests and activities of individuals based on information they have shared via social media websites, and refer to these data points as affinities. With over 7500 affinities available, this enrichment bundle provides plenty of fuel for data science. Categorization of affinities data into pre-defined parent groups, is included in our attribution to enable easy audience segmentation. This product is designed for businesses seeking a powerful solution to understand and connect with individuals. It provides the rich, robust data needed to describe individual behaviors, develop sophisticated data models and personalize engagements.


Enhance your data to more effectively serve your customers.

  • Create lookalike profiles to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.
  • Personalize your products, services and marketing strategies.
  • Improve segmentation, lead scoring and dynamic content.
  • Optimize your spend for maximum ROI.