Street Data

Accurate street-level data for routing and geocoding.

Ensure precision in your street information to better visualize routes, pinpoint addresses and calculate drive times.

Featured Datasets


Dataset for street, address, transport and points of interest

Drivetime and Routing

Fully attributed and intelligent routable street and road networks


Maps of Great Britain offering unique levels of detail

G-NAF Premium

Comprehensive address data for Australia

North American Datasets


Highways & Major Roads

Intermodal Hubs

MapInfo Pro Routefinder Network Prem

MapInfo Pro Routefinder Network Std

MI Routefinder Network Prem

MI Routefinder Network Std

Railroad Major Systems

Railroad Map Database


Railroad Stations

StreetPro (Display)

StreetPro (Navigation)

StreetPro (Traffic)

StreetPro Classic


World StreetPro