StreetPro® Classic

StreetPro Classic, the most comprehensive national routable roads network, comprises complete country-wide mapping for over 100 countries as well as authoritative address ranges on each segment. Multiple layers of information provide a foundation for:

  • Map production
  • Routing (where absolute route accuracy is not required)
  • Low volume geocoding
  • Low resolution reverse geocoding
  • Business analysis and more

Equal maintenance for both metro and regional areas ensures consistent coverage on a national scale.


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  • Enables display of maps within enterprise systems where enterprise routing tools generate routes but do not provide a background network
  • Provides nationwide coverage in a consistent format for more than 100 countries
  • Ensures the latest and most accurate data available with regular updates
  • Supports enterprise-wide integration from the desktop level to corporate GIS and beyond
  • Works seamlessly within the Pitney Bowes product suite
  • Includes complete with configuration files for Pitney Bowes environments to produce modern, cartographically pleasing maps that are consistent across countries and platforms
  • Offers continent and global bundle versions

Attributes include, but are not limited to:

  • Street network, both chained and routable
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Built-up areas
  • Drainage and water bodies
  • Points of interest
  • Administrative and locality boundaries
  • Land use
  • Freeways and highways
  • Parks
  • Railways and stations
  • Addresses



  • Complete topologically correct and routable street network:  Represents the entire street network structure in a linked and “clean” network  
  • Chained network for display: Provides a simplified chained network to accelerate map rendering for display purposes 
  • Superior content and attribution: Sources data from best of breed providers to ensure that attributes meet the highest standard 
  • Simplified installation management: Streamlines installation across states, countries and continents with a global installer  
  • Definitive address ranges: Produces address ranges using authoritative sources for each country 
  • Variety of file formats: Provides data in MapInfo .TAB, Esri .SHP and GDB formats 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Global
  • Release schedule: Quartlerly, Bi-annually and Annually (differs between countries)
  • Unit of sale: State, Country, Continent, Global