Pitney Bowes Adds Geo-Data And Mapping Tools To Unlock ‘Hidden Business Value’ Behind Every Location

The emphasis is on data visualization to help its clients act on the new location information, Pitney Bowes says.

By David Kaplan, GeoMarketing.com

Global tech company Pitney Bowes is adding a set of location-based marketing tools designed to help its clients take better advantage of data coming off of Internet of Things devices.

The “GeoEnrichment” software that PB is releasing widely has already helped online real estate information portal Zillow group get more insights on the 100 million-plus residential addresses it canvases for home prices.

“We selected Pitney Bowes location intelligence technology to help us deliver the most accurate information to our users,” said David Beitel, Zillow’s CTO. “Millions of people search for addresses on our websites and mobile apps every day. The cost of delivering incorrect data to consumers is high, as it can impact important decisions.”

The expanded use of mapping technologies by PB helps businesses better communicate with their customers, create more targeted promotions and pursue previously unrecognized cross-selling opportunities, said Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions at Pitney Bowes.

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