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Benefit from enhanced location and geodemographic data by incorporating our extensive geodata into everyday applications, business processes, and workflows.

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Featured: GeoIdentity

A Knowledge Fabric API that identifies powerful, local socio-economic and affinity insights about your customer. Enrich billing and/or shipping addresses with rich localized identity profiles, demographics, lifestyle segmentations, neighborhood names, property ownership and values, and social affinity insights.


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Our portfolio


Enrich your address with location coordinates and vice versa.


Add autocomplete address search into your applications and websites.


Place your data and Pitney Bowes data atop beautiful maps for visualization and quick decision making.


Add geographic zones by Radius, Drive Distances, Drive Times and highly localized geofence zones to your applications.


Routing directions for single and multiple origin & destination inputs.


Enrich your applications, business processes, and workflows with global business information and place names.


Examine local crime, earthquake, flood and fire risks for planning, claims and mitigation.


Integrate administrative call routing info into 911 emergency services processes and workflows.


Enrich audience profiles with local lifestyle and demographic insights.


Integrate extensive residential & commercial property and school information into your applications.


Integrate local tax rates into your billing, commerce, payments as well as payroll applications, business processes and workflows.


Identify local exchange carriers doing business with a rate center area.


Add timezones and UTC offsets to your applications, business processes and workflows.


GeoLocate IP addresses, landline and wireless phones & devices, and WiFi Access Points.


Integrate United States Postal Service routing information into your outbound direct marketing campaigns.


Know more about where your customers work, play and live. Powerful location-based socio-economic insights.