“Customer engagement is the ongoing interaction between company and customer; offered by the company, chosen by the customer."

In June 2014, McKinsey conducted a study called the “Digital Tipping Point," a global survey that concluded the number one reason companies underwent a digital reboot was to enable deeper customer engagement.

Of all the survey respondents, 69% made this claim, confirming that digital transformation and customer engagement are joined at the boardroom hip. To further punctuate the point, over 69% of digital blueprint budgets were geared primarily toward customer engagement initiatives.

Although the reasons why companies undertake digital transformation projects have stayed the same over the past three years, what has changed is the:

  • Awareness as to why digital transformation is critical.
  • Sense of urgency in achieving digital transformation.
  • Number of best practices, experienced practitioners, case studies and use cases that can help improve transformation.

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