Important Message for Personal Post (E700) & PostPerfect (B700) Meter Users: Upgrade your meter for free.

If you’re a Pitney Bowes Personal Post (E700) or PostPerfect (B700) meter user, we have important news. As of January 1, 2016, the USPS is decertifying all non-compliant IBI/IMI meters. Your meter is in this category and it will stop functioning following the USPS decertification. Not to worry, there’s good news…

To thank you for your loyalty, we’ll upgrade your meter to the Mailstation  2TM for free. The Mailstation 2 is our easy-to-learn, simple-to-use digital mailing system designed for businesses like yours.

Simply call (855) 349-7064 to upgrade your meter for free today.

When you upgrade to the Mailstation 2, you’ll:

  • Never overspend: Calculate exact postage with the 5lb. integrated scale. By eliminating guesswork, you’ll save up to 20% on postage.
  • Save time: USPS rate updates can be automatically downloaded at no additional charge. That’s a $12 a year value.
  • Connect faster: Connect via LAN or wireless network, thus eliminating the expense and hassle of analog phone lines.

Get more shipping discounts.

Additionally, you’ll get a no-charge subscription to pbSmartPostageTM. That’s our online postage solution. With pbSmartPostage, you can print IMpb shipping labels from your desktop printer and get shipping discounts of up to 55%. We usually charge $120 a year for this solution, but with the upgrade, we’re giving it you for free.

Upgrading to the Mailstation 2 is seamless, easy and free.  Simply call (855) 349-7064 to get started.