The Unknown Dangers of a Bad Master Address File

 January 17, 2019
A poor master address file can cause havoc in deploying NextGen 911, impact public safety or invite healthcare fraud. Don’t let your state or municipality be caught offguard.

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Sometimes, close enough is not good enough, and it all starts with a bad address. The result of utilizing a poor master address file can cause havoc in deploying NextGen 911, create public safety mistakes, miss funding opportunities or invite healthcare fraud. Often, the cause is the use of multiple address files that increases the chance of error. This webinar will review the causes and solutions for both better address data management and provide a workflow to reduce or eliminate data duplication, eliminate mistakes in data entry and radically improve the accuracy of geocoding. While these tasks seem mundane, they are fundamental to improving master address file and eliminating errors that weave their way throughout data analysis.

This webinar will illustrate

  1. The many errors that a poor master address data file can expose
  2. The importance of address validation and correction
  3. The applications of precision geocoding for NextGen 911, Health and Human Services, and Voter Registration
  4. Option for implementing better geocoding: Cloud, on-premise or APIs (geocoding & geotax)