Critical elements for success in today’s
construction industry.

Construction firms face stiff challenges heading into a new decade.


Over half of owners expect to pay more for tools & equipment in the next 6 months.1

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Have adequate working capital to manage cash flow changes in your business.


The average net margin for construction firms is 5.5%.2

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Utilize sources of credit efficiently to invest in your business and outpace competitors.


Construction starts are projected down 4% for 2020.3

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Have diverse lines of capital to invest in your business across business cycles.

Benefit from increase technology investment in your business.

Stay competitive.

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50% increase in construction project speed 
by integrating modular construction4

71% increase in profitability
from use of AI (drones; robotics; 3D printing)5

79% improvement in jobsite safety
via adopting advanced technology6

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