Permit postage made simple

Permit Reserve

Fund any mailing, anywhere, anytime, through a single FDIC insured account.

Using a Permit Reserve account allows you to manage multiple mailings, multiple permits, multiple sites or mail service provider payments, all from the same account* with The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc., Member FDIC. For even greater simplicity, you can use the same account as you do for your meter postage.

Enjoy the benefits of using a Pitney Bowes Permit Reserve Account:

  • Convenience – Eliminate multiple checks by using one account to pay for your meter (Pitney Bowes and non-Pitney Bowes) and permit postage, PB Presort Services or Third Party providers.

  • Multiple Locations, Multiple Meters or Multiple Permits – Automatically track balances and expenses for each permit, location or provider. Even set postage limits and view detailed account information for each location.

  • Funds Management – Consolidated reporting and itemized details provide you with the information you need to track and manage even complex postage demands. View, track or report on your Reserve Account information online - real time or 18 months of historical postage spend that can be downloaded into accounting software.

  • Free Postage – Earn interest in the form of postage credits depending on average daily account balance.

  • Postage Availability – With our Schedule Pay option you can control how and when your account is funded based on your ongoing business needs.  You can schedule electronic payments at set intervals (monthly weekly semi-monthly) or at certain dollar thresholds and eliminate check writing.  And if you ever run low on postage you're automatically protected with a short-term advance (up to your pre-set limit) so your mail will go out on time every time.

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*Account terms and eligibility are determined by The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. Member FDIC. Limited transactions allowed. Interest is earned and applied as statement credit when minimum average daily balances are met.

Manage postage expenses on your terms.  Call 1-877-526-8291.