Business agility starts with a
Single Customer View

Use trusted data and advanced analytics to deeply understand your customers, their connections and context, to drive superior business outcomes.

In the age of infinite possibilities business agility begins with a Single Customer View. Pitney Bowes crafts solutions that help you deepen customer relationships and capture new opportunities. 

Our next generation ‘graph based’ master data management enables you to establish a single customer view in a far more flexible way. We offer a new way of thinking about master data management, one that is not bound by the rules of the past. Our solutions are designed around the needs of the business, not the infrastructures within IT, and are agile enough to change quickly to meet new demands. 

This March Pitney Bowes will be joining Gartner at the Data & Analytics Summits in London, UK (March 20-22 2017) to reveal the secret behind business agility. 

Alongside leading analysts, we will be showing the tools to bring together siloes of information, give governance to those in your organization who understand that data, and create views that bring together information from across multiple channels.

With this innovative approach, you can enrich customer profiles with new data, spot and decipher relationships between people, locations and assets. From here you can uncover actionable intelligence applying sophisticated analytic models in real time making it possible to interact with your customers in more meaningful ways. 

To find out how Pitney Bowes can help you use data and analytics to better Identify, Locate and Communicate with your customers, book your consultation now. 

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