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Evolving the supply chain for Anywhere to Everywhere™ shipping

The supply chain as we used to know it is gone. That’s changing the nature of shipping not only in the world of retail, but for a variety of businesses and industries.

Change started, as it often does, with consumers. The instant gratification offered by online retail impacted shoppers’ expectations of speed of delivery. Forget next-day shipping. Customers today want to know if you can get an item to them the same day, or even within a few hours. Call it the “Amazon Effect.”

Challenged to keep their customers happy, retailers are exploring every opportunity to shave days, hours and minutes off of delivery time. Suppliers and distributors are similarly required to overhaul their processes to speed up delivery.

Outside of retail, an increasing number of businesses that never had to worry much about shipping are finding themselves in competition with experienced and emerging retailers. Just look at how major pharmacies and healthcare providers are rolling out ship-to-home medical supply services.

All of this supply chain evolution ultimately means that shipping today is an Anywhere to Everywhere experience. Just about any company can be a domestic or international shipper, and they could be required to find a fast and convenient way to deliver goods to any global destination. But, do all of these businesses have the infrastructure and shipping know-how to set up modern supply chains, navigate logistics and manage international customs and pricing?

With Complete™ Shipping from Pitney Bowes, any business can ship anywhere. Created out of a century of domestic and international shipping expertise, and the very latest in cloud-based shipping technology, Enroute is the multi-carrier shipping platform that today’s businesses need to configure delivery to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Retail Delivery

Retail shipping grows more complex with every change in customer expectations. Major retailers are challenged to shrink delivery times not only domestically, but for an increasing number of international orders. Retailers must ensure successful delivery no matter where a parcel is sent, because a bad delivery experience can derail an otherwise smooth and enjoyable purchase.

Enroute helps retailers optimize their supply chain to account for faster and more flexible shipping options. The SaaS solution offers shipping rule flexibility, which makes it easy for anyone in the business to make changes to carrier selection or the supply chain process. Carrier changes that might have taken weeks of IT work or change requests that could cost thousands of dollars with traditional retail management solutions can be done in Enroute, by any non-IT user, in just minutes.

That’s because Enroute leverages the shipping APIs made available through the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud to simplify software integration and shipping logic customization. A marketer can easily re-configure shipping rules to accommodate a new sales campaign, and optimize domestic and international carrier selection for maximum speed and the best price.

Manufacturing Shipping

Traditionally, manufacturers only had to worry about shipping products on to a distributor, who’d pass it on to the retailer for final delivery. However, the shrinking delivery cycle means many manufacturers and distributors are pressured to ship direct to consumers, which requires new routes-to-market and improvements to their fulfillment processes.

With Enroute, manufacturers can efficiently manage small parcel delivery to businesses or residential customers, right alongside their traditional retail order process. Manufacturers who use Enroute have access to Pitney Bowes’ worldwide carrier network, allowing them to deploy our solution at any distribution center for central, simplified management of their global shipping operation.

Now, suppliers can turn what might have been a hassle – shipping thousands of individual product orders to a complex range of recipients – into a new topline revenue opportunity. Manufacturers can establish direct sales channels with customers, even liquidating inventory by marketing directly to consumers.

Non-Traditional B2C Shipping

A wider range of non-traditional players are now pressured to ship like experienced retailers. Healthcare is one example: Pharmacies, medical equipment suppliers and other healthcare businesses are setting up processes to fulfill online orders for medication and durable medical supplies.

These businesses are entering a competitive environment, where everyone from online pharmacies to grocery stores to established mail-order retailers offer aggressive terms on pricing and delivery. Enroute helps these businesses compete through inbound and outbound parcel management, enabling companies to get a handle on shipping costs and establish an effective carrier network for the best price and shipping speed.

Ship Anywhere to Everywhere

Domestic and international shipping is complex, but Enroute empowers businesses in any industry to take control of their parcel delivery. As a consolidated cloud-based multi-carrier platform, Enroute eliminates the need for businesses to manage separate solutions for each carrier. Instead, all of your carrier management, paying and reporting can be done from a single platform, which can scale alongside your global shipping needs.

As part of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, Enroute can also be enhanced with a number of retail, shipping and payment solutions to create an end-to-end commerce solution. Additionally, with the full benefit of global shipping expertise from Pitney Bowes, you can leave challenges like international customs regulations, in-market shipping variations and carrier pricing optimization to the experts.

Complete Marketplace takes the complexity of offering an Anywhere to Everywhere shipping experience out of your hands, letting you focus on running a successful business.

For further information on Anywhere to Everywhere experiences, read our latest whitepaper “Possible? Probable. Profitable. Meet consumers wherever they are” - A guide to achieving success in global ecommerce.



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