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Avoid the holiday blues by giving the gift of simplified shipping to your customers

Every retailer is now a shipper, especially during the holiday shopping season. Consumers are increasingly unwilling to brave the holiday crowds to shop, instead using their laptops or smart phones to buy gifts from the comfort of their couches. This means retailers must determine how to harness the right technologies to manage what can be overwhelmingly complex shipping processes. How do you get the right package to the right customer at the right price? How do you handle in-store pickups of items ordered online? How do you accommodate shipping spikes, not just during the holiday season but during sales and promotions?

Instituting an enterprise shipping solution that covers the package lifecycle can be a daunting process. But it's a necessary one. Done right, shipping and tracking proficiencies can help attract new customers, increase consumer confidence and — through targeted advertising embedded in regular email updates — more tightly bind consumers to their favorite stores. Done wrong, shipping can be unnecessarily costly and a cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Automating shipping processes to improve efficiencies

To help high-volume retailers meet shipping challenges during the holiday season and throughout the year, Pitney Bowes Enroute® helps you ship faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. As a cloud-based transportation management system. Enroute plugs into your existing Order Management, Warehouse Management, and Inventory Management systems, offering multi-carrier options and expedited label printing. It provides real-time tracking and insight into package status throughout the shipment lifecycle. Plus, advanced analytics make it easy to develop customized rules that meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Portal organizations can select shipping services from global, national and regional carriers. Working in tandem with scales, barcode readers and printers, Portal reads package weights, scans barcodes and prints thermal labels. Once packages are out the door, you’ll receive automated tracking and shipping progress reports. Your customers will also receive tracking information.

In store acts as a storefront fulfillment center, helping you solve the shipping challenges associated with purchases at brick-and-mortar stores — including purchases made online for in-store pickup. Transfer products among store locations or ship items from stores or warehouses to the consumer's home. Enroute’s automated business rules help employees choose the right shipping option for each purchase, in alignment with shipping rules you set up.

Garner much-needed insight into incoming vendor shipments allowing store personnel using to quickly and easily access information on shipment arrivals, the number of cartons due from each vendor and the items in each. This information helps store managers schedule staff for the hours they are most needed while providing customers with accurate information on out-of-stock items.

Inbound improves shipping logistics for vendors, manufacturers and distributors through implementation of customizable business rules that help your organization choose the right carrier and service level for each shipment. It facilities the use of contracted carrier rates across inbound shipments, eliminates the need for chargebacks and helps your organizations view shipments in transit to stores, warehouse or consumers.

Visibility provides historic and real time visibility into your supply chain by tracking shipments for all carriers in use, from departure through transit and delivery. Analytics provide actionable insight, helping you accurately forecast shipping needs, create better business rules and improve shipping. Users can also create standard and customizable reports.

With holiday right around the corner, it’s a great time to get optimized shipping processes in place. To learn more or speak with one of our experts, request a shipping demo today.

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