Complete™ Delivery Services

Deliver on customer expectations by shipping smarter

Complete™ Delivery Services combines the timely, cost effective and reliable service of the USPS with powerful carrier of record value and delivery assurance. 

Deliver the value and customer experience expected in today’s retail landscape. Customers don’t care that shipping is complex, but they do care about receiving their shipments on time and as promised.  


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Partner with a reliable solutions provider who will help you with payments, discounts, guaranteed delivery and customer service 24/7/365.

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Payment flexibility

Ship now pay later.  Access to flexible payment options and advanced reporting.

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Guaranteed deliver

On day-specific transit times with a "Money Back Guarantee".

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Discounted rates

USPS rates on dimensional and weight based parcel pricing.

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Customer service

24/7/365 customer service providing in country and global coverage.