Complete™ Delivery Services

Process and deliver parcels with reliability, speed and efficiency.

Complete™ Delivery Services combines the timely, cost effective and reliable service of the USPS with carrier of record value and assurance from Pitney Bowes.  

Deliver the value and customer experience expected in today’s retail landscape. Customers don’t care that shipping is complex, but they do care about receiving their shipments on time and as promised.  


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Partner with a reliable and forward thinking solutions provider who will help you with logistics, customer service, and technology integration of your delivery services.

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Payment flexibility

Payment options based on your needs.

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Optimized parcel spend and delivery

Analysis of current parcel carrier mix based on your key criteria.

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Technology integration

Integrate your existing technology with Pitney Bowes APIs.

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Customer service

Our 24/7 customer services team provides in-country and global coverage.