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Take control of inbound packages.

When it comes to handling student-bound packages, many college mail centers don’t make the grade. Integrated parcel processing and tracking from Pitney Bowes helps you ace the test.

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Track & Control

Scan each package and automatically capture data that enables item visibility throughout the parcel journey.

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Stop wasting time searching for packages. Get the answers you need in an instant. Speed internal delivery times by hours or even days.

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Save more by automating package handling at every step. Reduce losses due to damaged or misplaced items. Plus, deliver services that help attract and retain students and faculty.

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Email Notifications

Reduce “where’s my package?” calls to your mailroom staff. You can send email notifications to students once a package has been scanned.

At campuses across the country, the days when students unloaded their dorm-room furnishings from their parents’ station wagon or bought all their textbooks from the college bookstore are an ancient memory – like leather helmets for the football team, tea dances and dress codes.

Welcome to the Age of Amazon, where post-millennial students wield smartphones, credit cards and Prime accounts to order almost every necessity for living, eating, sleeping, learning and clothing themselves.

Big schools like the University of Connecticut handled 3,000 inbound packages a day during its September 2015 peak. Even smaller ones are inundated: the student newspaper at Boston College reported that almost 168,000 inbound packages flooded their mailrooms during the 2014-15 academic year (Source).

Many mail centers were designed to handle letters and the occasional Care package from home, and many use untrained student labor, especially at the start of each school year when volume is highest. The challenges can be overwhelming, like:

  • Poor package tracking – or none at all.
  • Delivery errors and delays.
  • No “chain of custody” for critical parcels like medication.
  • Overcrowded shelves, mailrooms and mail centers.

Pitney Bowes has the solution you need:

SendSuite® Tracking integrated with OneSort™ Pro is an end-to-end and easy-to-use solution that offers you instant control over inbound package tracking. And SendSuite Tracking Online is a cloud-based solution that automates and simplifies package receiving and tracking and offers lower IT and hardware costs.

With Pitney Bowes, you get total visibility into what you received, and when; each parcel’s sender and intended recipient; its current status within your mail center; and its exact time of delivery.

You expedite service, and enhance accuracy and overall mail handling performance. You simplify complexities caused by distributed mailrooms, multiple inbound carriers and transient student populations. You unclog your shelves and facilities. You document the chain of custody to ensure that the right package gets to the right student, on time.

Pitney Bowes helps you account for every parcel, every time.

Learn how Pitney Bowes, SendSuite and OneSort Pro help colleges deal with parcel delivery.

  • Download this case study, which shows how we’ve helped UConn’s eight mailrooms better serve a resident student population of over 13,000.
  • Download this slideshare to learn more about inbound parcel tracking management.
  • For more information on SendSuite® inbound package tracking click here.

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