Financial Crimes and Compliance Solutions

Reduce false positives by improving data quality through entity resolution

Pitney Bowes offers entity resolution solutions that can be applied across your key processes of Screening, Transaction Monitoring, and KYC.

Spectrum Screener™ – A modular solution that applies entity resolution to improve data quality so you can screen with confidence and streamline investigations.     LEARN MORE

Spectrum Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring™ - A series of fit for purpose modules that enhance the performance of your TMS by improving the data quality of your inputs.     LEARN MORE

Spectrum Entity Resolution for KYC™ - Overcome data limitations, so you can detect and resolve financial crime in less time with fewer resources. Our integrated, proven approach to entity resolution lets you quickly find, link and visualize complex relationships across parties, accounts and transactions.     LEARN MORE

Spectrum Data Science for AML - Spot suspicious connections between entities, accounts and transactions as they occur, based on anomalies in the data.     LEARN MORE




See customers and transactions as they really are.

Image depicting "Improve surveillance"

Improve surveillance.

Detect, identify and visualize complex, obscure relationships utilizing advanced entity resolution capabilities. 

Image depicting "Boost productivity"

Boost productivity.

Gain a complete view of customers. Consolidate and prioritize alerts to make investigators more efficient.  

Image depicting "Accelerate savings"

Accelerate savings.

Streamline and automate case work, enabling more rules in your transaction monitoring system.

Image depicting "Increase agility".

Increase agility.

Respond quickly to new regulations and achieve more with your existing platforms, systems and processes.