Financial services datasets

Precise data for enhanced insight and planning


Pitney Bowes provides the industry’s most extensive data catalog, with datasets specifically developed for financial services. Accurate data helps you understand customer segments, improve how you manage risk and make smarter decisions. With Pitney Bowes, you can gain the insight you need to choose the most profitable branch locations, predict demand and target marketing programs to make the biggest impact.

  • Optimize branch networks
  • Define market segments
  • Understand customers
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Manage risks


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Financial Services Data

Inform every action

Pitney Bowes financial services datasets offer the critical demographic and geographic insight financial service organizations require.

Get to know your customers even better. Enrich your data with valuable demographic perspectives for targeting and segmentation, including:

Get a deeper understanding of your markets. Location enrichment for improved risk management, branch planning and more.

Our financial services datasets offer rich perspective to enrich your business data with critical insight you need for proper analytics and planning.

US demographic enrichment datasets

Data for financial services comprises nearly 7,000 variables, offered in eleven geographic layers from census block groups up to national totals. With our datasets, it’s easier than ever to understand your customers and prospects.

  • CAMEO Customer Segmentation System: Demographic, lifestyle, socio-geographic data and segmentation tools
  • Population: Population data, including race, gender by age, household data and more
  • Household income: Population data on the “money income” of all household members (exclusive of non-money benefits)
  • Household financial assets and wealth: Population data by wealth (net worth) and financial assets
  • Housing bundle: Housing tenure (owners and renters) by the number of units in housing structures, tenure of householder, number of vehicles, rent and value
  • Consumer expenditure potential bundle: Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey estimates of the annual amount of money spent by households on various consumer goods and services
  • Family bundle: Data on household types, family and non-family, as well as ages and presence of children
  • Socio-economic bundle: Data on marital status, transportation, time to work, educational attainment and occupation

US location enrichment datasets

Data for financial services lets you enrich your business data with geographic insight and perspective for understanding markets, competition, opportunities and risks.

  • Postcode, administrative and suburb boundaries: Areas and boundaries data that enables organizations to analyze different datasets by local geography
  • Property attributes: Building and property details for addresses in all fifty states and Washington DC, collected from county assessors and updated quarterly
  • StreetPro (streets, addresses and roads): A fully attributed vector dataset of street, address, transport, land use, water and points-of-interest data in a detailed, interactive, editable and searchable format
  • Points of interest: Information on the location of and details relating to a diverse pool of business, leisure and geographic points of interest
  • Business data: The most complete and accurate business list available provides information on more than 14 million US businesses
  • US bank branches: Comprehensive list of branch locations across the United States including three years of deposit balances, branch age, and branch facility type
  • Demand Insight Financial: Estimates and five-year projections of the total branch-based demand for twenty consumer and small-business banking products for US neighborhoods