Single View of Property - Manage Mortgage Risk

Boost lead conversion, loan closing and customer satisfaction.

From lead generation to underwriting, get the insight you need delivered to your desktop, without digging or delays. Single View of Property gives you greater visibility early in the mortgage lifecycle, so you can add efficiencies that help to manage risk, control costs and deliver a superior customer experience. 


Better data makes the entire mortgage lifecycle more efficient.

Identify non-obvious location attributes that may impact the underwriting process.

Leverage understanding of nearby properties, roadways and neighborhoods.

Access more detailed information at a far more granular level.

Offer the correct mortgage product for the property type.

Without quick, clear, comprehensive property information, you’re missing opportunities every step of the way.

mortgage lifecycle


Reduce risk with a 360-degree real-world view.

Gain quick access to comprehensive property information.

We combine precise location data with robust GeoEnrichment, analytics and visualization. Advanced information management makes it easy to give everyone involved the insight they need, right from the start. Gain complete, accurate and centralized data, so you can target the right properties and prospects, match leads with the most qualified agents, weed out likely-to-suspend applications and expedite approvals.

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Overcome data challenges. Improve property insight and increase profits.

There’s no need to flip through multiple websites and databases. One integrated solution combines information from multiple sources for a more holistic view of every property, all in one place. It becomes simple to integrate new data as the need arises and continually enhance data quality.

  • Convert more leads.
  • Close more loans.
  • Deliver accurate, competitive pricing.
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities.
  • Provide a better customer experience.

The Single View of Property solution is comprised of four essential components.

Master Location Data

Our largest, most precise US geographic database includes more than 180 million validated addresses, enriched with value-added information to support business decisions. Each property is assigned a unique, persistent identifier, making it easy to access, update and enrich property information.

Information management

Advanced data profiling, data quality, data integration and master data management capabilities enhance accuracy, reliability and insight. 


Integrate hundreds of unique datasets including property risk, tax and other boundaries, streets, points of interest and demographics, along with client and third-party data.

Analysis and visualization

Expand your ability to see relationships, run iterative analyses and inform your business with a rich understanding of individual properties and market areas.