Top of Wallet

Location-based messages influence cardholder behavior.

Advanced geofencing capabilities allow you to deliver highly relevant messages with pinpoint accuracy: When the cardholder comes within range, the geofence triggers a store-specific push notification, offering an incentive to use your card. These types of timely, relevant offers help raise awareness, usage and reliance on your card. 

Drive increased card usage with more precise Location Intelligence.

  • Stay top of mind with cardholders.
  • Build and reinforce card usage habits.
  • Improve mobile engagement.
  • Bolster rewards programs.
  • Promote tie-ins with retailers and events.

hand holding credit card

Reach customers precisely when and where you can influence outcomes.

mapping identifier

The right place

When you know precisely where consumers are shopping, you can deliver value on the spot. Location Intelligence is key. Now you can alert cardholders at a proximity you choose, such as when they enter a mall parking lot or even an individual retail store. 


The right time

Deliver messages right when purchasing behavior is imminent. For example, send mealtime alerts about specials at nearby restaurants. When you strengthen purchasing behavior, you can also give your give your loyalty programs a boost as well.  


The right results

Location-based alerts give customers fast access relevant, money-saving offers on the go. With a good reason to swipe your card more often, you’re likely to see more frequent transactions and an increase in spending volume.

How “Top of Wallet” Geo-fencing Works

Drive the card-usage habits you want to see.



Connect with Millennials.

Demonstrate an affinity for young, tech-savvy cardholders who expect friction-free, on-demand service. These digital natives are already banking on their mobile devices. They appreciate the immediacy and convenience of location-based offers that make it easier than ever to benefit from their bank cards.



Dominate the digital wallet.

When your card becomes the customer's preferred choice at the store, it is also likely to be the default option in his or her digital wallet. This can greatly increase the number of card transactions, automatically.

Add a new dimension to your analytics.

Bring another layer of understanding to your behavioral models. Now you can see how your targeted offers perform: Whether they actually trigger desired behaviors and added revenue. Detailed insights can help you refine your messaging and sharpen your mobile strategy.

Expand your merchant partnerships.

Your bank’s relationship with merchants can be an important source of incremental revenue. Use branded geofences to send notifications that promote merchants and support their sales. Then you can strengthen working relationships, as you increase transaction volume and revenue for your organization. 



Robust features deliver more powerful results.

Multiple layers

  • Business footprints
  • Building footprints
  • Shopping centers/business centers
  • Drive time/proximity

Brand-specific areas of interest

  • Restaurants
  • Retail sites
  • Automobile dealers
  • Extended shopping areas
  • 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute drive times

Greater accuracy

  • Human validation of business locations
  • Monthly updates
  • Persistent, unique IDs
  • Enables analytics between datasets

Extended business attribution

Links to the Pitney Bowes Points of Interest IDs make it easy to append:

  • Business name
  • Alternative business name
  • Phone numbers
  • URLS
  • Other relevant data

Improved experiences

Use the branded geofence stack to select the right sized area of interest for your use case.