Software solutions to mitigate risk, define coverage areas and personalize customer interactions.

With insurance companies responsible for providing coverage for millions and processing many-thousand claims each day, data quality and structured management results in a better experience for customers.

Tackle some of your toughest challenges and position your organization for profitable growth with Pitney Bowes.


Manage risk

Identify vulnerabilities and optimize underwriting.

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Reduce costs

Improve customer service and claim processing.

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Acquire and retain customers

Identify and grow customer base and deliver engaging, omni-channel experiences.

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Discover climate, geological and environmental trends and predict risk.

Our complete geographic risk analysis solution provides insight into individual and aggregate exposure from catastrophic, natural or man-made disasters in near-real time. Risk Data Suite is available in specific bundles designed to limit exposure to a variety of risk including earthquake, fire and crime.

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Real-time availability of all relevant customer and location attributes enhances risk selection and pricing efficiency.

  • Geographically analyze and visualize risk across the enterprise
  • Help determine insurer’s ability to underwrite against existing exposure
  • Ensure compliance with new risk management legislation/regulations

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Gain a flexible, 360-degree view helps you identify relationships, uncover opportunities and engage your policy holders in meaningful ways.

Just because your business operates in silos, doesn’t mean your data has to. Our Single View solution pulls data from disparate systems for centralized, cross-platform access. Tools that integrate easily with your existing infrastructure work together to let you capitalize on customer data and insights like never before. You can deliver more personalized, appropriate and relevant customer communications, even as your operations become more streamlined, automated and laser-focused on customer needs.

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Improve accuracy and relevance of all processes to mitigate risk.

Pitney Bowes provides an integrated approach to the business challenges financial services companies face. Work with our service delivery team or one of the partners in our global network to:

  • See your policy holders as they really are by linking complete profiles, transactions, onboarding documents and related images.
  • Connect it all. Each piece of customer information you have across all of your business while enhancing it through new and relevant external information sources.

A flexible 360-degree view helps you identify relationships, uncover opportunities and engage your policy holders in meaningful ways.

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Create meaningful connections using personalized, interactive video built on intelligent, rules-based content - available across every environment and channel.

Transform everyday communications into customer-centric experiences.

  • Personalize customer onboarding to measure and improve the overall experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Present offers, messages and services based on specific customer needs

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Using insights and analytics, you can design customized interactions that will enhance each customer’s experience and increase wallet share.

Increase satisfaction and lifetime value with every interaction, while employing lower cost digital channels. Use data-driven insights to transform everyday communications and deliver contextual, personalized customer experiences. Anticipate customer needs, and present next best actions in real time, across multiple channels.

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