Location MDM

Enabling insurers to master location data across the enterprise

Location data is a cornerstone of the insurance industry. Operationalize it effectively, and it’s your passkey to better data, processes and performance. But, at today’s data volumes, even small errors can translate to millions of mistakes. Applying Location MDM helps insurers reduce errors and step up to the greater opportunities location data affords.

  • Optimize data quality and entity resolution.
  • Create a single, enriched point of truth for address data.
  • Enable hyper-accurate enterprise location analytics.
  • Optimize risk management and pricing.

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“The insurance industry needs a new, all-encompassing approach to location Master Data Management (MDM).”  

– Harvard Business Review


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An effective, location-based approach to MDM is built on three key principles.

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Precision geocoding

Not all geocoding is created equal. Understand the exact location of each address with precise geocoding that offers consistent coverage.


Unique persistent IDs

Utilize an unchanging ID for each address. Street names, ZIP Codes and municipalities change, but a unique, persistent ID remains true.

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Data linked by ID

Match and link data without ambiguity. Apply and link unique ID across datasets for the rich, reliable insight needed for decision-making.

Pitney Bowes brings Location MDM to life.

Our multi-sourced, carefully curated geocodes have proven ability to translate to millions in bottom-line impact.

A unique, persistent pbKey™ assigned to each US address location is consistent across our datasets.

The pbKey makes it easy to quickly append and access a vast selection of data for a more robust and agile view.

If you could increase the accuracy, efficiency and insight of every analysis, how much would you gain?

Even a 99.9% success rate in data matching leads to millions of errors annually.


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Imagine Master Data Management that capitalizes on geospatial information.


Reduce premium leakage with Location MDM.


Know your customers. Improve your campaigns.


Anticipate disasters. Accelerate effective response.


Achieve greater efficiencies as data levels rise.


Capitalize on better inputs. Benefit from better outputs.


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Precision underwriting or catastrophic losses?

Location master data management strategies are helping insurers understand exposures, reduce risk and increase profitability. 

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Mastering Location Data: Close, but not quite there

Discover why hyper-accurate location data matters for insurance. Learn how Location MDM makes it possible.

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Maximize policyholder relationships with a Single Customer View

Enhance your insight at every step. Improve business decisions today and tomorrow.