Single Citizen View

The connected, citizen-focused approach to data management

Better outcomes require better data.

Citizens want more responsive government. Yet, while governments are inundated with data, their reliance on disparate systems and limited data-quality solutions make it difficult to meet citizens’ expectations.

Now there’s a better way. When you have access to a single view of authoritative data across departments, agencies and third-party organizations, you can create a single view of each citizen’s unique needs. Our solution is easy to deploy and use, integrating seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure. It improves your data management process so you can gain insight, automate workflows and achieve more with less.

Do more with a single solution:

  • Consolidate data
  • Cleanse and standardize
  • Validate addresses
  • Geocode
  • GeoEnrich
  • Analyze and visualize
  • Manage and share

Single Citizen View

Add capabilities required for digital transformation.

Deliver smarter services.

With ready access to accurate data, you can design policies and engage citizens in ways that are smart, simple and seamless. Verify identities, determine service eligibility and expedite delivery with just a few clicks. You can also feed self-service platforms, enabling citizens to locate providers, pay bills and access information quickly.

Minimize fraud and abuse.

Detect and deter fraud by streamlining authentication. The ability to standardize, enrich and visualize data in a single environment makes it easier to uncover patterns, comply with regulations and prevent improper payments with no need for costly investigations.

Reduce administrative costs.

Keep postal addresses, tax jurisdictions and voting districts up-to-date. Sophisticated logic automatically checks constituent information against existing account records, helping avoid duplicate claims and communications. The solution detects typos, checks spellings and validates addresses to improve record accuracy and maximize mailing discounts.

Transformative digital technologies enrich insight, services delivery and engagement.

Fast, flexible data architecture

An innovative graph-database approach adds new agility to master data management. Its non-hierarchical structure builds and adapts as it grows. It makes it easy to add information, detect relationships and run fast, comprehensive searches.

Run a comprehensive set of capabilities on a single platform.

  • Cleanse, standardize and validate data.
  • Link information to deliver new relationship insights.
  • Make connections across any data source, whether inside or outside your organization.
  • Enhance traditional data with vital contextual information, including location, demographics and more.
  • Inform predictive analytics for more powerful insight.
  • Make it easy to manage exceptions to standardize data governance across lines of business.
  • Visualize relationships with maps and graph databases.
  • Integrate insights into existing workflows and process.

Start small, go big.

Built for enterprise scalability, our solution’s modular design lets you:

  • Add capabilities over time.
  • Manage structured and unstructured data.
  • Introduce big data speed and performance.

Increase accuracy and agility across departments.

  • Match properties to zones and jurisdictions.
  • Determine eligibility for social programs.
  • Provide caseworkers with one-stop access to information.
  • Allocate and manage government assets and services.
  • Expedite deliveries and improve citizen engagement.
  • Respond more effectively and efficiently to emergencies.