Customer Intelligence for Retail

Get a connected view of your customers and build meaningful relationships.

Retail Customer Intelligence helps you to cleanse, enrich, connect, analyze and visualize your data to create a comprehensive omnichannel view. This gives you less duplication and more accurate information, such as valid addresses. You can then use this data to operate more efficently. 

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L'Occitane Group uses Spectrum to enrich personalization

Spectrum Data Quality and Customer 360: foundations for L’Occitane Group's omni-channel, mobile and digital approaches to customer engagement and personalization.

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What a Single Customer View means for Retailers

You know a lot about your customers, which is great, because that’s what they expect. The problem is, that data is spread across multiple systems, making it hard understand what they need. When building better customer intelligence, retailers need to start with a single customer view. This video explains how.

77% of millennials expect offers from companies to always be personalized

Salesforce: Trends in Customer Trust, September 2018

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Send the right offers at the right time.

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Use predictive analytics to drive your business decisions.

Guaranteed Per Piece Pricing

Spot patterns in customer data that you can’t in a spreadsheet.

Flexible Payment Options

Improve decision making around store placement, formats and cut wasted marketing.

How it works



We add new levels of quality to the data in your CRM, POS, apps, mobile data and more with retail address validation and advanced data management tools.



We layer on location intelligence such as, streets data, points of interest, boundries, demogaphics and use this to project and understand trends in behavior.



From analysis of the data, you can spot new relationships and chances to deliver customer service excellence.