Coverage Mapping and Network Optimization

Software solutions to understand network usage, issues and potential.

Potential subscribers make decisions on a telecom provider based on their perception of network quality as well as services that a specific subscriber wants. Pitney Bowes offers geocoding and spatial processing solutions, plus an enormous portfolio of data sets to accurately understand they areas where their subscribers would most likely live, work and play.

  • Reference data to understand location of coverage
  • Aggregate subscriber network events to provide accurate coverage maps
  • Use Big Data to understand precisely where subscribers are using the network and where they are having issues

Coverage Mapping and Network Optimization

Pitney Bowes software solutions help uncover the insights you need to optimize coverage, customer satisfaction and, by extension, profit.

Verify locations with Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module helps you combine business and geospatial information to gain a true view of your business and customers, while solving the most complex business problems. Verify locations and transform location insights into valuable Business Intelligence to reduce risk, increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

Visualize coverage gaps and plan future coverage with MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro is a 64-bit geographic information system (GIS) that allows analysts and engineers to create and analyze maps in order to identify gaps, plan new services and reduce churn.  What’s more, you can map your coverage against market demographics and in-house data to make smarter decisions.

Access and maneuver interactive maps with Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an interactive mapping service that provides access from any device to mapping and geographic-based information, addresses and postcode searches.  Use it to quickly and easily share information with employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Ensure the accuracy of your business analysis with up-to-date data sets

Our comprehensive portfolio of business, geographic, and industry-specific data features global coverage across 250 counties and territories. Thousands of highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.