Experts from the industry come together to deliver invaluable insights into trends, market opportunities and the critical issues facing retailers today.



Monday, April 24


Golf Tournament

Welcome Reception and Dinner



Tuesday, April 25


KEYNOTE: Welcome - Marc Lautenbach, CEO, Pitney Bowes

KEYNOTE: State of the Retail Union - Lila Snyder, President, Global Ecommerce, Pitney Bowes

KEYNOTE: Responding to Retail Volatility: How to Rethink the Market & Regain the Customer - Kasey Lobaugh, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte

KEYNOTE: Light Speed Retail - Amazon's Innovation & Industry Impact  - Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International 

PANEL DISCUSSION: How Unified Commerce Makes Commerce Complete  - Moderator: Michael Griffiths, VP Retail Marketing, Pitney Bowes; Greg Buzek, Founder & President, IHL; Gene Bornac, Vice President, BRP; Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner, RSR

SESSION: Location Intelligence: The Power of Place Greg Van den Heuvel, COO Software, Pitney Bowes; Clarence Hempfield, Vice President, Location Intelligence Solutions, Pitney Bowes


SESSION: The Retail Store Becomes Something More: Anywhere to Everywhere Fulfillment - Rory Hudson, VP of IT, Zumiez

SESSION: Digital Retail & The Pressure for Change - Neil Borer, Director of Ecommerce, Harrods

PANEL DISCUSSION: Perspectives from the Front Lines: CrossBorder Ecommerce - Moderator: Megan Higgins-Knislis, VP, Client Strategy & Development, Pitney Bowes; Chris Bright, VP Fulfillment, Nordstrom; Mitul Shah, Head of Delivery Operations, Harrods; Pete Mitchley-Hughes, Head of Transformation, MYER

PANEL DISCUSSION: Spanning the Globe: The Rise of the Online Marketplace - Moderator: Jon Kapplow, Senior Vice President, Consumer & Merchant Solutions, Pitney Bowes; Ananya Tripathi, Chief Strategy Officer, Myntra; Reid Wegner, Director of Business Development, Rakuten

KEYNOTE: Tony Hawk



Wednesday, April 26


KEYNOTE: The State of Digital: No Ordinary Disruption - Kelly Ungerman, Partner, Retail & CPG McKinsey & Co

PANEL DISCUSSION: Single View of the Customer: Leveraging Data to Drive CX - Jeff Winter, Global Head of Marketing, Software, Pitney Bowes; Mike Griffin, VP, Consumer Experience, Pitney Bowes; Chris Hall, Vice President, Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

SESSION: Increasing Consumer Engagement through Predictive Analytics - Sasi Akkiraju, Director Predictive Analytics, Pitney Bowes

PANEL DISCUSSION: Reimagining Payments on a Global Scale - Moderator: Chris Johnson, President, Global Financial Services, Pitney Bowes; Vanita Pandey, Vice President, ThreatMetrix; Pat Phelan, SVP, Fraud & Identity Management TransUnion; Tim Tynan, CEO, Bank of America Merchant Services, Elizabeth Ryan, Head of Merchant Services, Wells Fargo

SESSION: The Brave New World of Security & Compliance - Jamin Dick, Senior Vice President, Ecommerce Operations, Pitney Bowes

SESSION: Damage Control - Managing Your Brand During Times of Crisis, Molly Morse, Managing Director, KEKST


SESSION: Trends & Must Have Technologies Designing Your Customers’ Everywhere Retail Experience - Steven Howard, Senior Manager, Analytics & Digital Services, Accenture

SESSION: Don’t Be A Digital Ghost: Making Social Media Meaningful - Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO Hawke Media

SESSION: Putting Your Inventory to Work Stefan Weitz, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Radial

PANEL DISCUSSION: Mythbusters: Supply Chain - Casey Adams, President, Visible Supply Chain Management; Mark Ludwig, Senior Director, Global Trade & Logistics, Tiffany & Co