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Sam Coiro

Senior Director of Client Success for Commerce Services, Pitney Bowes

Sam Coiro is born and raised in Toronto, Canada.  He studied Geographic Analysis at Ryerson University in Toronto, and then received a Master in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Calgary.  After grad school he spent some time working with GIS systems in the telco and oil & gas space until he joined MapInfo in 2005 (later acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2007), and he’s been here ever since. 


At PB Sam has excelled in a variety of positions ranging from Account Management, to Executive Sales, to Industry Practice Lead, and now, as Senior Director of Client Success for Commerce Services, he leads a team of 6 talented Client Managers responsible for the success of over nearly 130 merchants.  Sam’s in-depth knowledge of global commerce, coupled with his pedigree in location intelligence, predictive analytics, and customer communication management, allows him to bring a unique perspective to Cross Border Ecommerce, and naturally, to the merchants that his team serves. 


With a passion for creating the best customer experience possible, Sam leverages the rich resources of his organization to create game changing solutions and recommendations to enable this, and to drive international growth.

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