Country-Specific Requirements: United States

Privacy Protection Policy for Social Security Numbers
Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes business units and Pitney Bowes subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "Pitney Bowes" and individually as a "Pitney Bowes company") collect certain personal information including Social Security numbers in the course of Pitney Bowes' business. In accordance with the Pitney Bowes Acceptable Use Policy we make reasonable efforts to: protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers prohibit unlawful disclosure of Social Security numbers and limit access to Social Security numbers.  We do this by:

  • Limiting the number of places where Social Security numbers are solicited collected stored displayed or required for access;
  • Limiting access to Social Security numbers we collect by providing access only to Pitney Bowes employees and third parties having a legitimate business need to know and under restrictions that prohibit misuse or unlawful disclosure of the Social Security numbers we collect;
  • Requiring secure methods (e.g. encryption) of transmitting or transferring Social Security numbers where available; and
  • Maintaining Social Security numbers only in accordance with Pitney Bowes policies which provide regular procedures for the destruction or erasure of data computer files and documents.

Questions may be directed to Pitney Bowes' Global Ethics and Business Practices Office at or the Helpline at 888-407-3485 or 1-203-351-6640.

Breaches of this Policy will be disclosed as required by law regulation and Pitney Bowes policy.

United States Postal Service Requirements
Pitney Bowes must comply with certain postage generation and PC Postage product user registration requirements as set by the United States Postal Service (USPS) Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP). (The Information Based Indicia (IBI) is the item printed on an envelope that conveys evidence that postage has been paid and contains mail processing data requirements including security-related data elements.) Under the program Pitney Bowes is required to provide particular information to USPS. This information is used for postage account licensing and postage payment activities. This information includes name address and contact information as well as information about your mailing behavior such as estimated postage volume.

While not required to do so by the USPS Pitney Bowes also verifies recipient addresses with the USPS' Address Matching System (AMS) a database containing all valid United States addresses. Recipient names and addresses are collected to compare them to the AMS database.

As required by USPS IBIP regulations during the normal use of any internet-based postage delivery service ("Service") the website visitor will provide mailing information for the generation of the postal indicia for the Service. In order to generate valid indicia such Services may be required to collect and record the following information:

  • Date and time of transaction
  • Ascending and Descending Register value of Postage Meter
  • Rate Category
  • Recipient ZIP Code

The Service does not store recipient name and address information (except ZIP code) nor does it record the addresses of the mail you send. All information collected for USPS purposes is maintained in a secure environment in accordance with the provisions of this Statement. For more information on the USPS and the IBIP regulations please visit

California Shine the Light Law
If you are a California resident you may ask us to refrain from sharing your personal information (whether collected online or offline) among our affiliates for their marketing purposes if the affiliates are separate legal entities.   Please tell us your preference by contacting us as indicated in the "Your Choices" section of this Privacy Statement.