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Pitney Bowes MapInfo® Pro provides trucking company with a blueprint for transportation.

Leveraging a company-customized map helps clarify transportation operations.

Client profile

Full-service transportation company provides supply chain solutions across the Southeast US

Offers next-day and second-day LTL services, plus Expedited, Guaranteed and time-critical transport options

Maintains a strategically located network of 30 terminals

Business goals

Continue to accurately track freight and terminals

Maintain appropriate service levels on an ongoing, proactive basis

Strategically locate, and consolidate if necessary, transport terminals


Routinely handles transportation functions and issues on a daily basis

Effectively maintains divisions between terminals and service levels for each postal code

Helps maintain and realign sales territories

Technology used

MapInfo Pro

Award-winning desktop mapping and spatial analytics software, carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users like you.

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I use MapInfo Pro to see what the company looks like on a map. To see where the freight is and where the terminals are. We use it to decide service levels to different places.
Manager of Operations Planning
Regional transportation company

With distribution terminals strategically located across the Southeast and a network of transport partners, this transportation company runs a complex operation that demands efficiency and precision. Viewing the region on a company-customized map helps to clarify the operations, whether it’s observing that a specific zip or postal code would be better served by a different terminal or consolidating two terminals into a single, more effective, location. Combining data, analytics and base maps helps deliver insights that can keep transportation requirements on the right track.

Business Challenge

The highly competitive domestic transportation industry is dependent on continually updated information about postal codes, trucking routes, and additional geographical information. The industry has progressed from time-consuming manual entry of data to sophisticated mapping and analytic services. Additionally, this company’s challenges include tracking the freight and terminals, and determining the service levels, on an ongoing, proactive basis.


The company has relied on Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo Pro™ since 2001, when the Manager of Operations Planning brought this solution and his knowledge to the job. “Having MapInfo Pro is like having a desk to do your job because you can’t stand up all day,” he says. “You’ve got to have MapInfo ... it’s fundamental just to maintain the system.”

The Location Intelligence software enables users – in this case, the operations team – to create flexible map displays of the company’s transportation territory and routes. They create thematic maps and pie charts for direct and indirectly owned distributions. The thematic maps are shaded postal codes based on service level, terminal locations, sales amounts and sales associates. Indirect shipping is color-coded according to partner names, providing a comprehensive, yet easy-to-visualize, view of who’s taking what to where.


“Having MapInfo Pro is like having a desk to do your job because you can’t stand up all day. You’ve got to have MapInfo ... it’s fundamental just to maintain the system.” Patrick Evans
Manager of Operations Planning
Regional transportation company

The benefit is simple: “It’s something you just have to have,” he says. “It’s not like it’s doing extra work. It’s doing the basic work that has to happen. You can’t effectively maintain the divisions between terminals and the service levels of each postal code without this kind of tool.”

Interactive and intuitive, MapInfo Pro uses ribbon-based navigation and quick-click dropdowns and rollover displays. The program can be customized and common tasks automated. MapInfo Pro also integrates easily with existing systems and platforms, and supports a wide range of data and GIS formats. The company has integrated the solution with Google maps, Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Bing maps.

Sophisticated data tools and flexible visualization options provide a complete and highly functional solution. “We use MapInfo Pro to see what the company looks like on a map,” explains the Manager of Operations Planning. “To see where the freight is and where the terminals are.”

Beyond the daily tracking

In addition to the day-to-day functions, MapInfo Pro enables the company in planning terminal locations. “If we are going to build a terminal,” he explains, “we use MapInfo to decide where the terminal ideally should be. Then the properties department can go out and look in the recommended area.” The company also relies on the solution to help maintain its sales territories.

The ability to integrate with Microsoft Bing maps added a new dimension to the solution. “We can take data points, plot them on the map, and make a thematic map based on the speed indicated,” he says. Stops are denoted with red dots and movement with green, with shading to indicate relative speed. This capability enables the company to track what a driver may have been doing before an accident, for example. It also enables the company to track potential problems with drivers who may not be meeting expectations.

“Let’s just say MapInfo Pro is fundamental,” he emphasizes. “It’s just one of those things you have to have to see what the company looks like. It’s like having a blueprint.”

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