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Data for the cognitive age

Last June, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty spoke with confidence when she declared: The cognitive era has arrived. 

It’s true. We live in a world where technology can help organizations understand, reason, learn and even think. IBM understands this. They also understand that success in the cognitive era depends on data. That’s why they selected Pitney Bowes as a data partner, embedding our World Boundaries datasets directly into the IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics platforms.

With ultra-precise boundaries data from 466,575 unique areas across 253 countries and territories, Pitney Bowes helps IBM customers make better decisions every day. Geographic boundaries, like city or state borders, make it possible to align location-based information such as demographics, mobile-location data, customer data and more. Savvy businesses are using this Location Intelligence to better communicate with customers, automate workflows and create highly targeted promotions for delivery via popular mobile and social platforms.

IBM business partners will get a close-up view of this data at the PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, February 13-16 in Las Vegas.  

Pitney Bowes is a long-time collaborator with IBM, and many IBM business partners have already joined the Pitney Bowes Software Partner Program to better support their clients.  See us at the PartnerWorld conference Solution Center, and we’ll show you how you can profit from this relationship, too.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, you can still take advantage of this opportunity. Simply visit our PartnerWorld page to download a new Forbes Insights study, and find out how Location Intelligence brings order to data in profitable ways.

The cognitive era has arrived, and we’re proud to be fueling its success.