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Decoding Geospatial Data with Pitney Bowes at IBM World of Watson 2016

We’ll be on hand at the IBM World of Watson 2016 to discuss why businesses – and Watson – love LI.

By Heidi Geronimo, Principal Product Manager, Location Intelligence – Pitney Bowes

With the proliferation of smartphones that either knowingly or inadvertently communicate the owner’s position, there is a vast amount of location data on any given consumer available. Businesses can use this knowledge about consumer locations to present targeted messages and offers, store population location data for future use and build geo-behavioral profiles, among other things.

Mobile payments, social media and traffic data are all examples of how location-based data permeates today’s business and personal decisions. Being able to analyze these data effectively is critical to gaining a competitive market advantage, from marketing to fraud detection to asset management. Along with using this information to better engage with existing customers, businesses can also leverage geospatial data to target prospective clients in new and imaginative ways like never before.

Graphical tools like spreadsheets and pie charts can only tell part of the story. When using these tools, information about the geospatial relationships is often missed. Visualizing the proximity relationships of location-based data, however, can reveal this “missed” information. Visualization through maps, or “thinking spatially,” benefits many key business processes and improves analytics, giving decision makers the tools they need to turn insights into actions.  

Pitney Bowes will be on-site at IBM World of Watson (WOW) 2016 in Las Vegas from October 24-27 to showcase how geospatial data will improve analytics and ultimately help businesses improve their functionality. We will also be hosting our Location Intelligence session at 3:00 pm, October 24, to discuss how to generate actionable insights from location-based information, in our breakout session, “Why BI Loves Maps.” This session will provide examples from various sectors to demonstrate applications related to risk, network performance and even targeted client outreach and merchandizing.

Pitney Bowes World Boundaries Data, now embedded directly in IBM Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics, delivers the most precise spatial data. With greater accuracy and precision in your location intelligence, you can make better, more successful business decisions.

Pitney Bowes will be at IBM World of Watson from October 24-27, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Visit Pitney Bowes at Booth 411 to discover how Location Intelligence can help you solve your most pressing business challenges.