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Pitney Bowes software helps Amey manage and maintain public roads in the UK.

Client profile

One of the largest public works companies in the UK

Has more than 320 contracts with local unitary authorities

Contracts cover management of utilities, roadways, rails and more

Business goals

Implement a modern infrastructure and asset-management solution

Obtain better line of sight across work schedules, employees and resources

Improve communications with clients


Improved view of necessary management and maintenance tasks

Improved ability to communicate schedules with field workers

Improved communication with customers leading to increased customer satisfaction

Technology used

Confirm® Enterprise Asset Management System

The smart, cost-effective way to manage your public infrastructure assets.

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"Confirm software is a highly configurable asset management tool with a very modern mobile platform, designed with usability by fieldworkers at the forefront" Martin King
Management Information Systems Manager

Local governments in the United Kingdom often outsource road repair and upkeep to independent public works companies. Managing more than one million roadways and other assets in seven municipalities, Amey is one of the largest of these. It works with local governments to build roadways, bridges and tunnels. It also maintains roads and supporting infrastructures.

Business needs

In order to provide better value to its clients, Amey needed a modern infrastructure and asset management solution. It wanted this solution to provide a clearer line of sight across work schedules and available resources. The company also wanted to more easily manage work processes end-to-end while improving communications with its unitary authority clients.


Amey began using Confirm software in 2011. The software helps Amey better understand and manage the assets under its responsibility, while also helping the company better communicate tasks and project status across work teams and with its clients.

Confirm software lists all assets under Amey management in a central register, along with information on their location, condition, management operations and adherence to monitored standards. The software also creates a variety of schedules to determine when Amey employees should perform which task at which asset. A mobile version of the solution, ConfirmConnect software, allows workers in the field to receive assignments and inspection routes on their mobile devices.

The software's dashboard helps Amey monitor project metrics so that both Amey and its clients can make real-time decisions based on the metrics most important to them. It produces fully customized reports — including financial reports and performance monitoring reports — that are easily accessible on the web or emailed to stakeholders.


"Pitney Bowes and Confirm software have become very efficient and valued service partners in the delivery of some of Amey’s flagship contracts" Martin King
Management Information Systems Manager

The Confirm solution has worked so well for municipal management that Amey is beginning to use it for more complex projects — overseeing bridges and tunnels, for example. The functionality of the solution provides Amey with a clear view of what needs to be done in the management and maintenance processes, while dashboard functions provide Amey clients with confidence that tasks mandated by contract are being completed.

"Pitney Bowes and Confirm software have become very efficient and valued service partners in the delivery of some of Amey’s flagship contracts" Martin King
Management Information Systems Manager

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