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By Patrick Collins, Senior Product Manager

In a world of growing connectivity and cloud-based solutions, people are using web-based services to improve their business operations both on-site and online. Every business transaction is likely to require some sort of tax to be levied on it, depending on the type of sale and where the vendor and the buyer are located. One of the most difficult things to accurately assess when conducting these types of online business transactions is the various tax rates that may apply to the purchase.

There are an enormous number of different state, local, special purpose districts, and other tax rates that can potentially apply to any given sale. Making sure the correct amount of tax is charged is essential to good book-keeping and staying compliant with tax regulations. Auto-dealers, retail warehouses, furniture stores, and many other types of businesses are turning to to quickly and accurately assess accurate local tax rates based on a simple address input. is an easy-to-use web application designed to help sellers of taxable goods instantly assess local tax rates. The simple interface allows for single or batch lookups depending on your needs, and it’s free to use for up to ten transactions a month, with low-cost monthly and yearly subscriptions available.

Making Tax Data Easy

GeoTAX provides easy-to-understand readouts of each pertinent sales and use tax that applies to the purchase. These include both the assessed tax rate and the tax amount based upon the input purchase price. In the picture below, you can see how Boulder, Colorado, assesses five different taxes of varying rates based on a single purchase.

GeoTax Screen


Having accurate tax information for your on-site or online business is an essential part of a focused financial strategy, and can save time, money and resources.

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