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Improve wireless coverage with Pitney Bowes at CTIA

By Lorena Hathaway

With each passing year, wireless networks take on a growing number of responsibilities. While these networks used to primarily facilitate voice traffic, they’re now tasked with carrying the data that fuels growing industries like ecommerce and IoT tech, just to name a few.

According to the 2016 Demandware Shopping Index, for instance, 98 percent of the growth in ecommerce visits over the past year comes from smartphones. Another survey conducted by Adobe Digital Insights found that 26 percent of consumers have refilled a prescription using a smartphone, while 62 percent are interested in doing so in the future. These examples represent the wide array of goods and services that are moving into the digital space and claiming a larger portion of wireless network bandwidth.

Because so many different business sectors and industries now depend on wireless coverage, ensuring its performance is more critical than ever. At the same time, the pantheon of different technologies and stakeholders exchanging data across wireless networks makes managing them an increasingly difficult proposition. To balance these needs and challenges, operators need to have a unified view into all of the activity taking place on their network, in real time, to manage fluid traffic flows, prevent service degradations and plan for future network expansion.

At CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in Las Vegas, Pitney Bowes will be on hand to discuss how operators can achieve a 360-degree picture of their entire network to optimize customer relationships, improve network management and achieve operational efficiency. We’ll be hosting our Location Intelligence session at 11:40 am, September 8, to showcase how telco and ecommerce firms we’ve worked with have achieved breakthrough performance using the suite of Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence network solutions.

These solutions have been able to boost cross-sell opportunities by more than 100 percent and increase new accounts by 25 percent, all while improving customer satisfaction and decreasing subscriber churn. The added incremental value has averaged roughly $1.5 million a week for businesses who have implemented Pitney Bowes network solutions.

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Also be sure to visit Pitney Bowes at Booth 2850 to discover how Location Intelligence can help network operators generate deeper insights and faster ROI